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If you thought that everything was written in terms of sex toys, you were wrong. At ANNE'S DESIRE, they have gone to a next level of pleasure, a spectacular design, in addition to adding the patented WATCHME technology.

Anne's desire, in its abbreviation AD, is an elegant and sensual brand that will revolutionize the world of sexuality and sensuality in the coming years thanks to the quality of its products, innovative designs, capable of captivating anyone, and new ideas. to find total pleasure in intimate relationships.

The motto of ANNE'S DESIRE

Our philosophy is the total and full enjoyment of all types of sexual pleasures. We consider it a universal right that must be inalienable and always protected.?

Who doesn't like a good orgasm? Do any of you not enjoy the most pleasant intimate relationships? Raise your hand if you don't enjoy and feel unique in the world while your lover is driving you at 1,000 per hour.

The philosophy of ANNE'S DESIRE

We work on the philosophy of satisfying distinguished clients. To this end, we fully support the rights to pleasure that we all have. Thus, we were born not only as ANNE'S DESIRE and manufacturers of revolutionary sex toys, but as designers of experiences that seek full fun, trying to achieve new worlds of satisfaction along the way that overflow the five senses.

Thus, ANNE'S DESIRE introduces the new line of sex toys with patented WATCHME technology. In the pre-launch, 500,000 units were sold in 15 countries around the world and we have already managed to stand out in the sector by combining the luxury of our sex toys with the use of the most advanced and cutting-edge technology.

All ANNE'S DESIRE Toys include WATCHME watch technology, with the watch included and ready to use with or without the remote control. But what is this technology?

It is a sexual smart watch that will help you control ANNE'S DESIRE sex toys. We can synchronize them with sex toys that use watchme technology to control the vibrations and functions of our AD sex toy.

Functions of a WATCHME watch

In a WATCHME watch there are some outstanding functions that we will detail:

  • Activate/Deactivate vibration.
  • Modify vibration modes
  • Modify the intensities in each vibration mode.

But are Anne's desire Toys waterproof?

Anne's desire, of course, is waterproof and will be your perfect companion both in a romantic hot tub and under the comfortable sheets at home. The underwater vibrations of this fun companion are perceived by many couples as particularly intense.

ANNE'S DESIRE EGG , Don't be fooled by its small size, it is designed to surprise you. AD EGG is discreet, powerful and incredibly smooth. Contoured exclusively for your vulva, so you can play with its tip and edges, your lips and your pleasure points. Its extra layer of velvety silicone will become your clitoris's new favorite texture, plus it's soft!

This vibrator is made of flexible medical silicone and can be placed comfortably and softly on the skin. The special thing about this sexual well-being product is the wireless remote control, with which you can easily control the pleasure from the watch without having to break the state of arousal. You can select from 7 exciting vibration programs with different degrees of intensity.


  • Soft pulsating frequency vibrator
  • Medical grade silicone
  • USB rechargeable
  • 7 Vibration Modes
  • Intensity control in each mode
  • Remote control watch WATCHME technology
  • Contoured to precisely stimulate your pleasure points
  • Suitable for internal and external stimulation.
  • 100% waterproof for easy cleaning and hotter than hot baths
  • 100% vegan vibrator
  • 7.5cm x 3.5cm

To finish, ANNE'S DESIRE offers you a 2-year warranty. Ready for action?

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